Sunday, September 02, 2012

Mini Album

Hi there ...
We are still having a fair bit of sunshine here even though the rain is prevalent ... 
I've a fair bit of work to catch up in my little creative room ... But for now I have a little album to show you that I made using my cameo and some paper scraps 

There's something about fat little books that I adore and I love that this one is made of little pocket envelopes

Of course I couldn't embellish the inside too much because it wouldn't shut ... but just the look of the envelopes I think is pretty enough

I just used scraps of dottie papers on each envelope ... not easy to show unless I take them out 

I'm not sure what photos to put in here yet ... that is always the hardest part I think ... picking what to use

and what to tuck into those little pockets

... maybe some family photos? 

Ok ... I'd better get on ... 
Thanks so much for stopping by ... I hope you have a wonderful day

~ Ros ~