Thursday, October 04, 2018

A Blingy Card and a Tale of Woe

Hello there

It's almost a week since I posted... where does the time go?
Actually I haven't done much in the way of card making lately... Just life getting in the way- Like visiting the dentist...
If you've come to see my card... Just skip down as this could be a little long.

Okay, I'm not the only one who doesn't like dentists... Even my lovely lady dentist said she didn't like going to the dentist (figure that one). But one tooth top left was giving me trouble so after my check up last week I was booked in for Tuesday to have a filling and at the same time she was replacing an old filling. Simple huh? Yeah right! I got two injections, they hurt, and then was tilted so far back I was virtually upside down when the equipment stopped working. 10 minutes and 4 assistants later problem solved. Now by this time my tongue had gone completely numb... I mean really! But according to the dentist it was having a party in my mouth and would not stay still... Soooo embarrassing! Maybe it was the blood rushing to my head... I was still upside down after all. And I'm sure the human mouth is not designed to take 3 fists either... Why oh why does the assistant stick that water sucker-upper thingy so far back that you are choking?? And whatever happened to the little breaks when they brought the chair back up and the blood stopped rushing to your head and you got to gargle with the pink stuff over a tiny sink? 

Finally.. An hour later I was good to go and the lovely lady gave me a mirror to check out my tooth.. Wait I have to put my glasses on... Okay so how do I see my tooth? Well it's right there on the bottom left... What??? Well, explained the lovely lady... That one looked a bit jagged so I fixed it. Oh... well that was nice... I also replaced the old filling top right... Great! Not that either gave me the slightest problem...And the top left, the reason I came here... faced my worst fears said me slurring with my now lopsided mouth... Oh no said the lovely lady... I didn't do that... Couldn't find a thing wrong with it... ARGH!!!! 
Now you see why I don't like going to a dentist... Give me spine surgery any day!

Onto today's card which is for my friend Pat who celebrates her birthday this weekend

I pulled out a little bling for this one along with the Cameo to cut the flower shape both from white card for the negative space and then again from silver grey card for the inlay

I used distress inks to blend on the card base with some water splatters and though it's hard to see here... I also splattered with pewter distress stain
I hope she likes it...

Well that's it for today... I hope your week is going well

Till soon

~ Ros ~