Sunday, March 20, 2016


Good Morning...I hope you are enjoying your day

The word prompt this week at 
is 'Hide'

It took me awhile to find some photos for this but here we go

Do you see the bee hiding under the leaves? I took this photo on a hot day last summer ... the bee had been gorging on the pollen and seem to fall asleep whilst doing so - either that or he was drunk!

 He was in there for hours - literally and then stagger out to crawl under the leaves Lol!

This little sparrow I caught hiding from the rain inside a palm tree....

And this squirrel was about to hide a nut in one of our plant pots! It drives my husband mad when he comes out to find the plants turfed every day 

It took us a while to find out who the culprit was haha!

Finally I had to share one of Gipsy hiding under a chair

She loves lying on paper bags and spends hours hiding from Ginger cat under that chair 

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Have a beautiful day

~ Ros ~