Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Ink blending

Hello there!
 I hope you are all well?

It's been awhile since I last posted - All's well here, it's just been a busy time.
I still have "men at work" but hopefully not for too long. There have been a few hiccups and a few delays but it's all looking much tidier in the side garden with new gravel and edging etc.,
The weekend was a busy one too, especially Saturday when  I watched the Royal wedding in between making cups of tea and coffee for the workmen and in the afternoon we went off to celebrate 25 years of Thursday Club. 
Crafting wise, well, apart from projects for the group I haven't had time to do anything until today when I had to make a card for a male friend. Thankfully I had some ink blended pieces I did last week so used one for his card
Now I'm itching to do more Lol!

 The weather here is still beautiful and I'm looking forward to being able to tend to some of the plants once the groundwork is finished. It's been more than a year since I was able to do any gardening and I know I still have to be careful but my back is very much improved.
I'll leave you with some garden shots...The forget-me-nots that come up every year
...The shrubs coming into bloom
Oh and these pretty flowers
Wishing you a lovely day

~ Ros ~