Monday, September 11, 2023

Just a Few

 Hello friends...

I'm getting slightly fed up...I had hoped to be going back to my class today and seeing old friends, but it isn't happening...sigh
For the past couple of weeks the radiation burns have really been painful despite the products I am applying. I look like I fell on a barbecue and feel like it too. I can cope with the joint pains, the mouth ulcers and the hot flushes etc., All part and parcel of the treatment and drugs but with the high temperatures we've experienced this past week I feel exhausted and yeah, a little sorry for myself today...sorry.
Anyway, just ignore my moaning - I have a few cards to share with you which will be crossing the pond.
This first one was for a friend here in the UK who needed a little pick me up

The others...


You can see in a few of these that I am still using my stamps, stencils and embossing powder occasionally,
and I have gone back to using cardstock to paint on lately. The sea quotes are stamps from Inkylicious.
Actually, I got to go on a ship recently... We didn't sail anywhere, my husband had booked a day out for us to view the ship Ambition at our Liverpool Cruise Terminal and enjoy a beautiful lunch - It did cheer me up, even though I had a meltdown the night before thinking I wouldn't be able to make it. I'm so glad I did.

Be safe my friends and enjoy the wonderful season of Autumn

~ Ros ~