Thursday, December 03, 2020

The Holly and The ...Bunny

Hello again...

It's done nothing but rain for days here but DH finally got to go to golf yesterday and I can promise you that I enjoyed it far more than he did (hee hee)... Such bliss to have a few hours alone.

 I've been holed up in my craft room with the cats, snuggled in their baskets. An opportunity to sit and paint..

Today's card is as the title says... The holly and the bunny

Proportion wise you have to imagine that this is a tiny bunny

I tried my hand at painting holly and then just kept adding more foliage, when up popped this tiny bunny who was really curious. Well, it's his first Christmas and the glossy berries are so tempting

...Not to mention the gold sparkle of Stickles (which I couldn't capture on the photo).

Actually I'm quite pleased with this - A year ago I wouldn't even have attempted to paint my own foliage let alone a bunny...

Thanks for your visit, have a super day and I'll share some more of my foliage cards in the next few days

Till soon

~ Ros ~