Friday, October 16, 2015

Another Christmas Card and A Rant

Hello there ...

I'm feeling pretty rough today, like I'm coming down with something... sigh
I did manage to make a couple more cards using my sponged backgrounds - here's one

Is it just me or does anyone else get exasperated with all the new releases? I mean much as I love them I would prefer that companies didn't release so much every month ... Maybe just a couple of stamps sets, dies etc.,

You'd have to be pretty well off to buy everything so if you finally decided on the ones you want and can affordby time you get them and find time to create something, the next release is only weeks away... And just how do you pick just a couple of things???
Haven't we all got stamps and dies that have either never been used or hardly used?

So I'm still using stuff from way back when ... mixing and matching and changing up the designs... Like this Memory Box Deer Trio die but only using one of them ... He looks like he's blending into the background but IRL the card is quite dimensional.

Ok, rant over... I need a lie down Lol!

Thanks for stopping by ...


~ Ros ~