Monday, November 15, 2021

Paint Your Sparkle


I didn't expect to be posting again today but I made quite a few Christmas cards yesterday so today whilst I have a minute two cards

I had a digital image of the wellington boots from a free colouring page and I drew and painted everything else
My first card

The 'paintbrush' is supposed to be adding the sparkle and though it's not very apparent in the photos, I have added a little video at the end of my post which shows it better

The second card is a smaller version of the first one done without the lines and painted softer - after drawing the foliage and paintbrush I scanned the image so I could print it again to paint and alter the size

This time I omitted the black lines and painted it softer

Do you have a preference? I'm liking the soft colours

I used stencil paste and glitter for the snow, gold paint, gold glitter pen and Mod Podge dimensional for the dots on the boots and the sentiment is computer generated.

And here's a short video link so you can see that sparkle... I've had trouble trying to upload the original video so I hope this works 

Have a good day friends
~ Ros ~