Thursday, February 09, 2012

Handmade vintage ...

Well I'm pleased to be able to report that I finally got the results on my foot ... seems I have stress fractures in two of my toes ... hence the pain and swelling ... and I have been walking with this for 4 months whilst awaiting the correct diagnosis ... worse still I had the foot manipulated by my Chiropractor ... Yes, it was agony! ... So now I have a special shoe and crutches and all I can do is rest ... Think I can cope with that ... I know it will take up to 12 weeks but by hook or by 'crutch' I will go on my planned cruise in April ...

One of the receptionists at the hospital has been so helpful and I wanted to give her a little something ... I had This set still ... and thought it would be perfect together with a handmade pin cushion

I had this lovely material with sewing details on ... 

and I just cut the heart shape free hand 

The pretty pin is from sweet June ... and I stamped 'handmade vintage style' straight on to a scrap of the material with stamps from PTI  

This is the reverse ... I really enjoy making these so you may see some more in the future

I wish you a wonderful day

~ Ros ~