Sunday, November 17, 2013


Hello there ...
So nice of you to stop by ... I hope you are enjoying your weekend

It's a new prompt at Our Beautiful World today

... and Kirsty has picked the word Eye(s) for us

They say the Eyes are the mirror of the soul ... I happen to believe that ... 


There are the Eyes of the wise

This little guy was a gift from a friend and he sits in my craft room looking over me and my iMac 

There are painted Eyes

I've seen this ship many times ... often moored in Palma bay

Then there are Eyes that keep watch ... can you see the strange reflection in this little guy's Eye?

Yep, he's watching me watching him ... and another set of Eyes are watching him watching me

... hoping that there may be a few nuts left to spare

There are unseeing Eyes ... that warn off predators ... like on this butterfly wing

But are there any Eyes more beautiful than that of an innocent child?

... Or those of an animal learning to trust ...

Or those of a faithful friend ... Eyes filled with devotion and unconditional love 

... and when they close for the last time ... they take a piece of your heart with them

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~ Ros ~