Monday, October 20, 2014

Prayers Answered

Hello sweet friends ....

Our prayers were answered and all has turned out well with the family issue...
I'm finally getting my life back and managed to sleep these last 2 night ... of course Gipsy still gets up between 4 and 5am and wakes me ... but the past few weeks I've already been awake 
I've even managed to catch up with your blogs!

Thursday was a roller coaster day of ups and downs and tears and we owe a big Thank You to at certain lady who was there in our corner
The least I could do was make her a card

Throughout the long day we kind of got to know each other ... which is good because when she broke the good news I just burst into tears and hugged her tight. 
Her life can be stressful and I thought a shaker card would be ideal

... just give it a good shake when you're down and see the colours shine

I never want to have to go through that day again and please God we won't have to

I'm truly grateful for your support, that truth, honesty and love prevailed ...

Big hugs to you all

~ Ros ~