Sunday, January 12, 2020

Wellington Boots

Have you ever had the urge to paint a pair of wellington boots?
I don't mean real ones, though I do have a wellington boot planter in my garden which I painted, no, I mean watercolour an image
Hey I maybe crazy but it's my birthday and I'm allowed Lol! 

So...Yesterday when hubby had gone to the match, I decide to play using a freebie image from a colouring page and those lovely confection watercolours

Then I got to thinking about the CAS Stencil Challenge this month...

...And a small raindrop stencil that hadn't been used, and a card came together, in my signature colours of course, which also fits the CAS Watercolour Challenge

I can't tell you the satisfaction painting wellies gave me haha... Then I had an unexpected visitor so after tossing some Mod Podge dimensional here and there, play soon came to an end.

I've had more visitors bearing gifts today - Lucky me! Plus DH and Mikey are taking me to dinner this evening so I'm going to relax for awhile...

Have a lovely day and I'll catch you soon

~ Ros ~