Sunday, June 21, 2015

Our Beautiful World

Hello and good morning!

Manuela has picked the word prompt this week at 

 The word is Tiny

As it happens I got this tiny little eczema spot in the fold of my ear and being that it had nowhere to go it has infected the whole of the ear cartilage and you wouldn't believe that something so tiny could cause so much pain! 
Oh don't worry ... I'm not going to share a photo of my ear Lol!

Here we go ... my photos for Tiny

Tiny little greenfly that are as much a pain in the garden as my ear is right now... I mean I have tons of ants so why aren't they dealing with them?

Tiny little raindrops ... ahh the great British summer and today is midsummer, from hereon in the nights get shorter... 

Tiny poppy seeds ... this poppy is only a miniture

And teeny tiny hairs on the unopened poppies

And one last 'tiny' are these seedlings that I am constantly pulling out of the garden

...because if I don't they will grow into the huge trees that you see in the background of this last photo

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Have a lovely Sunday

~ Ros ~