Sunday, March 09, 2014


Hello ...

I got mixed up this week ... with the prompt word for 

Sorry, call it a senior moment ... or general lack of sleep ... so I'm late in posting

The prompt word this week is Road ... Chosen for us by Wendy

So very quickly I have put together some photos from my archives ... take a trip with me

From a mountain  road on Anglesey ... An island off the North Coast of Wales where Prince William was based

To a winding mountain road of Andalucia in Spain 

Take in an open road on a trip to Yorkshire ... Rain up ahead

To arriving at our destination the lovely Griffon Forest (Yorks) ... The forest road so beautiful with the sunlight filtering through

From the old narrow cobbled roads of Spain ... 

To the more modern roads in the pretty village of Mijas

Roads ... where would we be without them?

Please share yours at Our Beautiful World this week

Have a lovely Sunday

~ Ros ~