Wednesday, April 07, 2021

The Gull is Back

 Hi there...

I bet you thought you'd never see me playing with the Gull stamps again (MFT)... I had a blast when I first got them. Since then I've had a real purge of my craft stuff, but the gulls are definitely still one of 'My Favourite Things'

They came in handy for the birthday card I'm sharing today... As you may remember, we lost 2 of our Cornish cousins last year (brother and sister) but we still have Peter, the baby of the family and he's about to celebrate his 60th birthday.

As he happens to be captain of the ship sailing between Cornwall and the Scilly Isles, the gull seemed the most appropriate

The frames aren't wonky - It's actually a window card (acetate free) 

I like making this style and I'm sure he will love it

How are you all doing?  Heck the weather is crazy, from sunshine to snow. Stay well and safe and have a great day

Till soon

~ Ros ~