Tuesday, June 20, 2017

City Crafter 367

How are you? Ready for another challenge at City Crafter?
Don't I seem upbeat for someone who hasn't had a decent night's sleep in days Lol! 

This week Marina is hosting and has picked another terrific challenge... 

Hagtash City Crafter

Use social media symbols, such as #, @ or an icon such as the t for Twitter or f for Facebook. 

When I first saw what she had come up with I kind of panicked, I'm not really a social media type of gal... To be honest I had to ask my son what all this "hashtag" business was about...  Yeh, well I'm old!
I guess I could have taken the easy route and just used a letter somewhere but I had a vision haha! And it all came together in the end 

I remembered that my friend Stella once sent me some stamps that included a hashtag symbol (boy that was lucky). I don't use Windows anymore, when I did there were so many times that it crashed and big brother Ron had to come and fix it for me so I moved over to Apple, but this would have been a great card to send him back then

I found a shape in printshop that sort of looked like it could be one of those 4 curves in the 'Windows' sign so I digitally grouped 4 together in the size and position I wanted and reduced the opacity right down before printing it - Just enough of a line to see where to colour. Colouring it was the challenge! I have limited Copics (and colouring abilities) so trying to get it to look right was not easy for me... But when big brother saw it, he thought I'd actually printed the sign so I was happy with that

I can't wait to see what the team have come up with so I'm heading over to CCCB 

Wishing you all a wonderful day

~ Ros ~