Sunday, August 17, 2014


Hello and good morning!

Today at  Our Beautiful World   Milagros has chosen our prompt and this week it's


I dug ot a few photos from my archives for this...

Looking at the signs here you would probably thin that this is a bar in France when in fact it's a bar in the centre of Cork in Ireland...

... and this is just like any high street shopping centre in the UK with those signs when in fact this was taken in Gibraltar

This sign I found in a beer garden in Cornwall, and here are some more signage from Cornwall...

In case you are wondering a Quoit is an ancient burial ground 

A vintage van ... I used to eat those sweets when I was a child!
And this one I've shared before but it's worth sharing again

My fellow DT have some more photos for you on the Blog ... We'd love it if you shared yours ...

Till soon

~ Ros ~