Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Christmas Candles

 Hello there friends...I hope this finds you well...

I've not had much inclination craft wise lately but I forced myself to make some more Christmas cards however, getting decent photos has been a nightmare... It's been wet and dull here for days

The candle/bauble stamp I've had for years but never used until now 
I just wanted to paint something and this worked fine over the stencil so I did another

Just changed the sentiment

I don't know about you but I keep losing stamps... One minute they're there and then suddenly they are gone! I spend more time looking for things than creating. By time I've located something the idea has gone... That's not to say I do locate everything, sometimes it's just a mystery as to where things have disappeared to. I once read a book.. A Place called Here by Cecelia Ahearn... It takes you to somewhere where all those lost socks, keys, umbrellas even people end up... I always think of this when I lose something and see them sitting on a shelf in a place called Here, waiting to be returned Lol!

Have a terrific day my friends... We are back in Lockdown and apparently are going the first city to be mass tested for the virus. 
I'll keep you posted

Till soon

~ Ros ~