Saturday, August 16, 2014

Happy days and ducks

Hello there!

I've just returned from spending a week with my Aunt and I've had a wonderful time... 
It was so relaxing and peaceful and always a joy to be with this wonderful lady who spoils me and makes me laugh constantly ...

The only things I made whilst I was away were two felt phone covers

... one for me and one for my friend Pat

I've tried to keep up with your blogs and of course with my daily dose of Pinterest but for the most part I've just done very little.

Yesterday I heard a noise and went outside to investigate and to my delight one of the mother ducks had walked her babies around to the house! Excuse the poor photos but I had to be quick

Part of me is glad to be home with my family and my sweet cats and part of me wishes I was back in Lincolnshire ... 

I do hope your week has been a good one and that your weekend will be too-
I'll be back tomorrow with our new word prompt at 

Till then take care

~ Ros ~