Thursday, January 05, 2017

For a Super Woman

Good morning!

It's been a busy week and yesterday I mentioned that as well at it being my wedding anniversary,
it was my talented friend and fellow blogger, Keren's birthday...

I was pondering what card I should make for her.. I mean have you seen her cards? They are amazing!
As I was thinking I started to doodle and then realised I was doodling something that looked somewhat like a comic strip Keren... And I knew she would take this is good fun 'cos I'm not a brilliant artist

Here's the card, with added watercolour

See, I think of Keren as a super woman ... She creates for so many companies, is a brilliant mum to her 5 children as well as being such a lovely person inside and out

Here's to you Keren!

Till soon

~ Ros ~