Sunday, July 24, 2016


Hello and good morning...

I'm returning today after a little blog break to share my post for

I picked this week's prompt and it's Baking

I baked a few things yesterday... The weather has been so hot since I last blogged and told you we had rain... Typical! Well hot weather is great for proving bread so that was my first job

I much prefer home baked bread ... no sugar and just simple ingredients 

Then I went on to bake one of my favourites

Any guesses? I just love anything with almonds so this is a Bakewell Tart

As it's summer we are taking advantage of the fruits available like British strawberries and I made us a strawberry creme patisserie with the last few in the fridge

My husband loves it when I bake ... he especially loves the pastry and I always use the left-over to make him a special little pie which he already ate so no photo Lol!

My final photo is one of a sign that I have hanging in my kitchen ... I love it

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Have a wonderful day

~ Ros ~