Sunday, August 25, 2013

Strong ...

Happy Sunday to you ...

It's a new photo prompt at
Today our lovely Kirsty has chosen the prompt which is 

I thought this was a terrific prompt ... It conjures up so many things and at first I was going to go with some photos I took this week of little black ants burrowing out of the mortar between the flags ... Boy those insects are really strong! They can carry up to 20 times their own weight

But then along came my "little man" a stray cat we've opened our hearts to ... He was looking a little battered and bruised this day - and tired from sleeping rough I guess and the fights that ensue when other tom cats pick on him ... Of course we feed him and offer him a place to sleep which he occasionally accepts ... as he did in this shot

Looking at him"Strong" came into my mind ... I've nursed many sick and ailing cats, dogs, birds - even mice and frogs - thanks to my son - not with any special lotions or potions but with food, shelter and lots of love - It never ceases to amaze me how strong and enduring they are ...

It always distresses me when people think it's ok not to neuter a cat - one un-spayed female cat will be responsible for 20,000 offspring in 5 years given that an average litter is 4 kittens and within 6 months each kitten can go on to have their own litter ... As for the tom cat ... he will always be in combat ... battered and bruised - not a good life ... even if you are not a cat person.

Ok ... enough preaching ... here are some shots of those amazing pesky ants!

I don't mind these so much ... It's the flying ones I really don't like

I'm off to take a look at the blog to see what my fellow team mates have in store for us this week ... why don't you join me and link up your photos this week ... I'd love to see what your interpretations are for Strong ...

Have a lovely day

~ Ros ~