Saturday, March 09, 2013

Going To Seed .....

No ... not me ... (well, maybe a little) ... 
No, Going to Seed is the name of a new stamp I bought - made by by Woodware and seeing as it's a cold wet dull day here and DH has gone to see his beloved football team play in a cup match ... Well what's a girl to do but play with paper?

I love this stamp ... and probably you can't see it ... but I embossed this so it has a lovely shine

It really speaks for itself ... not much embellishment needed and those you see are from some old 3D stickers that I cut up and just used some little bits

I've been listening to the football match whilst working ... I know by the score what mood to expect my husband in when he gets home ... Alas his team are losing ... BADLY!!
Still tomorrow here is Mother's Day ... hopefully he will put on a smile just for me ...

To all of my sweet friends who are celebrating Mother's Day tomorrow ... Happy Day!

I wish you all a beautiful weekend

~ Ros ~