Thursday, September 07, 2017

Me and the Flower Girl

Well hello... 
It's a very wet and dull day here and hubby is sulking because it's a golf day...But it's a far cry from those suffering the storms sweeping across the world... My heart goes out to everyone affected, I just cannot imagine being in their shoes...

Well, unfortunately our plans changed this week and my Aunt couldn't come to visit...A doctor should have come to see her to give her the 'all clear to go' and didn't turn up, so hopefully all being well, we may have her here next week.

I took a day out to recoup and then immersed myself into the projects for Thursday Club that started last night and I hope to catch up with you all today.

I'm still doing a little crocheting and a few weeks ago I made a little flower girl

I'm teaching myself as I go 

And it's brilliant to be able to look up just about anything on Pinterest, not that I can sit at the computer for any length of time - Blast this sciatica!

And I don't always get it right... I made lots of leaves and don't think I got 2 the same! Yesterday I tried making curly hair for another doll I'm doing and I was thrilled that it worked

So from me and the flower girl, that's it for now...

I hope you have a beautiful day and please be safe

~ Ros ~