Thursday, February 02, 2017

In the dog house

What?No, I'm not in the dog house hee hee... 

I thought I'd share the project I've prepared for my group at Thursday Club to make tonight. Many of you often ask me to share but I don't always remember to photograph my prototype, and normally at the end of the evening someone gets to take mine home with them. 

So here's the dog house

Actually they won't be all dogs... I came up with the idea for them to make the little houses first and thought how much they would love something to put in them ... I trawled the web and finally came up with a bunch of finger puppets on Ebay that were inexpensive and so cute

...So I bought 30 of these and I know they will love them.

After cutting 30 of those houses on the silhouette ( yes, that's why I go through so many blades and mats!) I printed some papers and hand cut all the pieces to decorate it. Added some punched flowers and thought it still needed something....

So I digitally created a base and BG to stick the house onto and voila! All done.
It did take me a few full days I hasten to add but seeing their faces tonight will be worth the effort. 

A week or so ago I told you about one of my group who had been through the mill a little and I'm happy to say that a foster home was found for him and he is still able to come to club. He was so happy last week and so were we.

I hope you enjoy your day ... Take care and thanks so much for your visit

~ Ros ~