Tuesday, March 09, 2021

Stayin' Cool

 Good morning!

 When it comes to art everyone has their own idea of what is pleasing and what is not. Some things inspire more than others...

I've always loved oriental paintings, the ones you see sometimes done in ink, or sometimes with paint, black and grey often with a splash of colour.  They inspire me. I think it's the serenity they express, the silent echo in the mountains, cool waterfalls and misty air that you can even feel...
You've seen me doing my own version of those mountains in my cards and lately I've done more and more but occasinally a little image will creep in my head and I go with it. 
Today's card was just that

 I don't know why but I had this image of an elephant in those faraway mountains cooling down from the heat.
Some kind soul had tied a watering can to a branch at just the right angle for the rain to collect and act as a shower...

 I had to draw him just as I saw him in my head, not that I'm planning to do an elephant family - I think this will be a one off - But it satisfied me

...And made me happy to see the end result, because not everything I envisage works out. Some days I can't even draw a straight line.

I hope you like it too

Be safe and enjoy your day

Till soon

~ Ros ~