Sunday, December 22, 2013

Our Beautiful World

Good Morning! 

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I've seen a lot of Christmases and many things have changed over the years from those magical  childhood days ... full of excitement ... to the utter joy of being a Mother myself and sharing the magic with my son ... I'm blessed in that we have never spent a Christmas apart

The story of Christmasa wonderful story whether you believe or not ... remains in my heart... 
And I believe in miracles

I'm not about bright lights and showy things ... 

But red berries and snowy pine cones will always be Christmas to me

And this year just a simple Christmas tree ... The little girl ornament was gift ... she symbolises friendship

Important to me all year round ....

Then there are Angels who remind me not only of the Christmas story but of those who are no longer here and the blessings of those who still are

We'd love you to share your Christmas photos at

And maybe tell us the story behind them ... and what makes it special for you

Wishing you a beautiful day and a Christmas full of magic, joy and happiness

~ Ros ~