Saturday, February 27, 2021

Meet the Parents

 Hello from a sunny but very cold Liverpool
It's so lovely to have sunshine and March is almost here, makes me happy.

I'm glad that you enjoyed meeting Eugene - Only a few days to go before the big day and his parents have arrived safely.

Claude worked for many years on the trawlers, he always preferred to be on the sea rather than in the air and now he's retired he loves a spot of fishing on the lake near their cabin, where this photo was taken

He's a strong outdoors type of man, quiet and laid back...

By contrast, his petite wife Julia talks non stop in a nervous kind of way

Eugene is her only child and she misses him dreadfully. She insisted on bringing the happy couple a gold balloon for luck, Claude knew it wouldn't survive the journey and he was right which sent Julia into a fit of tears halfway across the North Atlantic

As the tears dripped down her beak, Claude reminded her that she'd packed a whole heap of home baked treats (just in case the Air force wasn't feeding him properly) and they would be just as pleased with that, which seemed to console her...

Preparations are well under way and even the two girls who live on the hill have been helping, collecting greenery from the forest for decoration

Till soon my friends...
~ Ros ~