Wednesday, January 20, 2021

The Dog and The Rabbit

 Hello friends... I hope this finds you well

So what's new since my last post? Well we had a visit from the police the other day asking us to stay indoors not even venture into the garden. The road was cordon off, the bomb squad and armed police arrived and we were left wondering... Seems a hand grenade was found that thankfully turned out to be an artificial one. Sad as it sounds it was a little bit of excitement for another day in lock down.

We are drowning in rain which is a good excuse for me not to go walking now my leg is on the mend and  just stay cosy in my craft room. In any event a certain someone is driving me nuts so I venture into my imagination... It's a place in the country where 2 little girls live and they have plenty of open ground to explore, not to mention quite a few pets...It's winter and today one of the the rabbits is out in the snow

Actually this is the bunny's first experience of snow

He's not quite sure what to make of it

The larger of the dogs prefers to pop out later in the day... He likes the snow and is mesmerized

There's nothing quite like open space and the silence of falling snow

I'll share the girls with you next time...

Have a good day though they seem to come and go so fast lately...

Be safe

~ Ros ~