Saturday, October 16, 2021

This and That

 Hello lovely people... Another week has gone by in the blink of an eye.
I only have one card to share today, whilst I have a ton of stuff, I just haven't made them up into cards yet but I needed a birthday card so pulled out one of my many paintings

I drew and painted this ages ago and maybe it was just a bit too busy or too vibrant, I don't know but I left it to one side. Then I thought maybe with a bit of vellum over the top it would be better.... Glitter coated of course

I'm still doing battle with this new computer... I have to say I really REALLY don't like the keyboard - I've re- typed that many times I can't tell you. It's so touch sensitive.

On other news I went to see a physio yesterday, as you know I have been struggling with my knee and lately my hip area. Turns out that it is all linked to the muscle that runs the length of my leg, it's very tight. I was pushed and prodded and it hurt so bad, I though heck I'm paying for this pain. This morning it hurt even more. Hopefully it will settle down before my next visit.
What else have I been up to... Well, sewing and crotcheting to name a few - Here's a little peek at one of my finished crotched garments

I'm self taught in most things, well, all things really but I enjoy trying except when things don't work out... Like a top I started sewing yesterday which just isn't working out like I'd hoped. Maybe I'll salvage something out of it, if not there's always my paint to soothe me.

Have a lovely weekend and stay safe

Till next time

~ Ros ~