Sunday, July 25, 2021


 Hello there
It's cooled down a little over here and it's a lot more bearable but I'm still spending most of my time indoors. I've done a fair bit of sewing but the past couple of days I've pulled out my paints again. 
Today's card is for my friends over at Double D Challenges

I couldn't resist when I saw that board... Guess what caught my eye? Yep, those drinks
The drinks are digital images, printed onto vellum and fussy cut to add to the scene I painted - Care to join me?

I may not be having a holiday this year but I still have my imagination - I did resist putting a beach in the scene... One thing I am trying to do is to keep my scenes and painting CAS... I may have cracked it where cards are concerned but when it come to painting, it's knowing when to stop. The focus here are those inviting drinks and with the weather we've been having, what could be better.

I hope to share a few more cards with you soon... I've had a little burst of inspiration but who knows how long that will last.

I hope you are enjoying your day... Be safe

~ Ros ~