Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Coffee and a Cat

Hello my friends...

I was debating which cards to share with you today, Cat or Coffee and in the end I decided to share both

This is a sketched and painted card for one of my half sisters who will be celebrating her birthday in a couple of weeks. We are all animal lovers and we all have cats so I think she will like this

I drew a little wind chime and found some tiny beads which I thought would look more realistic for the wind chime, plus I really need to use up my stash

Including some of the hundreds of sequins I seem to have... Here's a closer look

If you have ever owned a cat you will know how mischievous they can be and whilst typing this post, Missy reached up to the shelf I keep the catnip on and pulled it down... Now the floor is covered in it. 

I do miss seeing my friends, catching up with a coffee and chatting about this and that and each time I looked at this card (I shared recently)

I couldn't help but see cups. So I thought why not draw handles and make that flower into a cup then I could make each of my GF's a card as a reminder of those lovely days

At least we can share a virtual coffee

 They're only 4x4 cards and make up really quickly

 I even used up some of the many papers I've hoarded over the years to make envelopes for them

I hope you are all well... Thanks so much for your visit

Stay safe

~ Ros ~