Monday, December 30, 2019

Galaxy Card


We are coming to a close of another year... 2019 seemed to go so fast and yet for me personally it left a lot of heartache. Still, I hope to face the new year with optimism and see what the universe has in store.

It seems fitting that the card I have to share today is a galaxy card

I made this for my friends' daughter... I waited 7 years for my one and only child to come along but my friend had to wait 14 years before she gave birth to a beautiful daughter one New Years Eve 32 years ago... Some things stay as clear as day in your mind and yet remembering what I went into a room for 10 minutes ago is lost Lol!

I just used distress inks, stamped embossed images and a little sparkle ... I have a fascination for the universe and its mysteries. My best friend that I lost a few months ago was educated in the science of many things including quantum physics, not something I could ever wrap my head around, but it was always a joy when we sat and talked about the laws of the universe.... And life really.

I hope the universe will be kind to you in the upcoming year 

Have a wonderful day 

~ Ros ~