Saturday, April 10, 2021


 Hello and good morning...I hope you are well

The sun came up early this morning but it's still really cold outdoors. Today I'm sharing a couple of my own sketches, the fairies.

This little guy I call Buckley

I wonder what he's thinking looking out across the city.

The first time I painted him, I just couldn't get the wings to have that ethereal look that I wanted...

So I started again and used a digital file to print the wings onto vellum. I used a cityscape die to make a stencil for the background and a Lavinia stamp for the stairway plus a couple of branch stamps

Then there's Pepper

With her flaming locks and a temperament to match

They are all real to me and I make them faceless for 2 3 reasons - 1. It's really hard to draw a face on my tiny sketches 2. It leaves more to the imagination and 3. I like doing hair. Lol! 

Finally I have a card I did ages ago but never got around to sharing

It's a little ode to all those unwanted strays out there... 

Well that's me for today...

Enjoy your weekend

~ Ros ~