Sunday, December 01, 2013

(Magical) December

Happy December to you!

If you are a follower of Our Beautiful Worldyou will know that is a place to share your photos from around the globe ... Each week we give you a prompt and leave it to you to link up a photo that best captures that prompt from your part of the world

This week's prompt is December

Of course December means a lot of things to a lot of people ... It's a busy time of the year as it's the Christmas season ... whether you celebrate it or not ... it's everywhere

I did some Christmas shopping this week and the mall was decorated inside and out with these beautiful trees ... It was magical 

I hasten to add that there was no snow... I added that using Picmonkey 

Even the coffee shop was in the Christmas mood when they served up my cappuccino

No mistaking that it's December then ...

Still looking out of the window here yesterday ... you would never know December was a day away ... the sunshine was glorious and I took this photo whilst visiting my local farm

A donkey in her manger ... This is no ordinary donkey though, for she and I have something in common ...
We both have one child, both sons and both were born in December ....

Oh hold on ... the goat wants to say happy December too ...

Well why not ... after all, the goat, December and me are all capricorns! 

There may be no snow yet but it's cold ... even in that sunshine, but the sunset was spectacular
These are a few shots I managed to capture of the evening sky ... 

Now that's magical!

What's December like where you are?
We'd love you to share with us at Our Beautiful World

Wishing you a beautiful December
Till soon

~ Ros ~