Friday, July 26, 2019

A Card & Cat and Mouse

Hello! How are you?

I haven't been very crafty lately but with good reason... It's been too bloomin' hot!! Jeez I haven't slept in ages and my brain is fried.
I know it's nowhere near as hot as some of you are experiencing, but we are just not equipped to deal with it. We don't have A/C... I would LOVE it but it seems we have to put holes in the walls for outlets and hubby says no! The heat doesn't affect him so I suffer, but not in silence haha!

Today, thankfully,  it has cooled considerably and it's comfortable so I finally made a card. You remember the card I made with the alcohol lifting technique? (here)... Well, in a video by the very clever Jennifer McGuire, she shared how you could stamp your 'lifted alcohol ink' onto cardstock and I did just that.... It didn't turn out too bad for a first attempt

It gives such a pretty subtle colour. The butterflies I added to this were stamped on a scrap of AI on acetate and then fussy cut.

 I used one piece of 5x7 Yupo and so far I've made 3 cards from it and still have a little left to make another so that's not bad.

Cat & Mouse

As it's been so hot, we leave a door open to catch the breeze and allow the cats in and out - First thing Saturday morning DH and I were getting ready to go visit Stuart (DH's eldest) in Derbyshire when this little lady brought in very large mouse...


So proud of herself, she was just about halfway up the stairs when it squealed and I saw her...Of course I squealed and yelled (loudly) which caused Missy to dropped it and it ran down the stairs. I don't particularly like them but I hate to see them hurt and I'm not good at picking them up either. Thankfully Mikey rescued it and checked it over but it died ... from shock I guess.  Oh and just so you know... Hubby shut himself in the bedroom till it was all over, said he didn't hear me ... Yeh right! He's my hero Lol!

Have a fun day and take care... Thanks for popping by

~ Ros ~