Thursday, September 01, 2011

September ...

Yep, it definitely is September today ... 
Soooo sorry to all of you bloggers I threw into a flurry yesterday 
It was cold and very September...ish yesterday but today the sun is shining and despite the fact that I was feeling really unwell ... it turned out a good day for me ... My blog book came and I am absolutely delighted with it ... Sweet Linda Robinson passed on the link and after a few chats with my UK friend Deb I ordered my own book and seeing it really made my day ... I can't believe how big it is!

I put a 12" ruler next to it ... look 

... and inside ...

A dedication to you all

Some of the pictures

There are 329 pages (just one full year of my blog) ... and I have to say that when my husband saw it ... he was blown away ... I confess that he hasn't always been supportive of my hobby and seeing what I have done in one year really took his breath away ... yep, this book was worth every dollar!

What else have I been doing ... well lots really ... I even taught myself to crochet hearts last night ... they're not perfect (but very addictive)  ... I'll show them at a later date ... I have some more notebooks and matching cards to share which I made for the church sale using graphics from The Graphic Fairy and a little bit of work in Print shop 

a closer look

Just love those birds 
And here are the matching cards 

So that's it for today ... 
I hope you have a wonderful day ... I need to change the tax disc on my car now whilst I remember 
sheesh! ... six months just flies by!

Till soon keep safe and thanks for stopping by

~ Ros ~