Sunday, June 01, 2014


Happy Sunday and Happy June!!

It's time for a new word prompt at
And this week Milagros has chosen a terrific prompt


Everywhere you look you will find texture ... I could have shared so many photos this week but not wishing to bore you - here we go with just a selection of mine

This butterfly took a liking to my scarf hanging over a garden chair - it gave me the opportunity to get close and capture the texture of those delicate wings

Even his face along with the texture on the scarf ... I had a similar opportunity with a little bee

The gossamer texture of his wings against the fur on his body is so beautiful ... 

And how about this crackled glass texture from my wind chime ... it changes colour during the night

This one fascinates me

The stunning shape and texture of a shell ... so rough outside 

Smooth as satin on the inside

Now if you are arachnophobic look away ... these last shots made me squeal and I took them! 
I saw a web on this rubbery looking fern leaf ...

inadvertently I disturbed a plant next to it and a million tiny spiders rained down

You can see the texture of the web, the rubbery leaves of the plant but you can't avoid those tiny monsters
Are you itching?? I bet you're itching ... Lol!

I'm no professional photographer ... I don't even have a fancy camera - I just snap whatever is around me and we'd love for you to do the same and share with us at 

Have a lovely sunday

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~ Ros ~