Sunday, June 19, 2016


Good morning!

It's time for a new prompt at 

Kirsty has picked the word this week and the word is

Well, there are a lot of Old things around here including me! But that's a photo I won't be sharing Lol!

Here we go...

Actually I have my brother to thank for this shot ... It's a very old Inn on the Isle of Jersey ... I visited there many years ago and my photo was too dog-eared to scan but my brother took this a couple of years ago
And just in case you are wondering how old this is, take a look at the 'house rules'

Funny huh? But it tells the story of how things were at that time

What about this old railway station situated on the other side of the river from me

This opened around 1866 ... It's no longer a working station though, but part of the country park walkway...

How about on old mill...

I think it's beautiful...Here's a close up of the wheel... you can see by the wood how old this is

And lastly a rusted Old turret on Fort Perch Rock ... Again on the other side of the river from me. A place we often frequented when we were children... We would take the famous Ferry 'cross the Mersey to walk on the sands, visit the Fort, swim in New Brighton open air baths and visit the funfair

 Old buildings always fascinate me... I wonder about the people who visited, worked or lived in them. What were they like? What were their stories? If only buildings could talk

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I'm still away from home and hoping to catch up with you all soon

Be safe and have a beautiful day

~ Ros ~