Sunday, March 13, 2016


Good Morning!

I've picked the word prompt today at 

The prompt is Easter

It's only a few weeks away, quite early this year and a lovely time of year for so many reasons- A symbol of new beginnings even if you don't celebrate the religious side of Easter and it's Springtime

With daffodils and bunnies 

And of course Easter eggs and little chicks - These are for my Thursday group

They all symbolize new beginnings and I guess the friendships we've forged - I got this beautiful card the other day from my dear blog friend Greta

Isn't it pretty!

I was actually christened on Easter Sunday, a very long time ago lol!
This upcoming Easter Sunday my husband grandson is going to be christened but I'm not invited so I guess I'll stay home and eat chocolate...

We'd love you to share your Easter photos and stories with us at 
 this week ... hop on over to the blog and see what my friends are sharing 

Enjoy your day

~ Ros ~