Sunday, October 13, 2013


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I'm back for this weeks prompt over at

Which has been chosen for us by the lovely Shahrul ... The prompt is 


Ok, so does this mean Chill as in ... Relax ... Cool down ... Take it easy?
Does it mean Chill as in ... Cold ... Cool ... Wintery?

Well, that's up to you ... Whatever your interpretation is of our prompt fits fine with us at 

My first thought was Chill as in Relax ... and I struggled with it - which just goes to show that I don't "Chill" enough!

But when I thought about it ... nothing relaxes me more than candles flickering

Either soft music or silence ... maybe a good book and a cuddly throw ... and a purring cat on my knee or a dog nestling at my feet just speaks to my heart ...

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 For fun I decided to dig out a few photos  from almost 20 years ago - scan them into my computer ... and edit with PicMonkey - Two more meanings of "Chill"

Mikey and I walking our beloved Kelly at one of our local parks - It was winter and I promise you it was VERY Chilly ... no wonder there were no other people!

Time to put my hood up!

Only a few months earlier we were in Cornwall where it was so hot we went into the sea to "Chill"

Kelly must have been roasting in that coat ... but she would not be parted from us

Grateful thanks to Shahrul for this prompt ... without which I wouldn't be smiling now at those lovely memories ...

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