Saturday, September 24, 2016

Been Painting

My it's turned cold here... Autumn has definitely arrived

I've not had any inclination to make much lately, I spent 2 days doing the Thursday Club stuff and the evening was manic!  I've been itchy to try something different. I'm no artist by any means but today I was doodling, trying to draw a boat and it turned into this

It's not marvelous but just a little something different - it's just done on ordinary (inexpensive) cardstock so I only gave it a light wash of watercolour

I love boats and anything sea related ... What do you think? 

Maybe too bland huh?

Then whilst I was looking for something in one of the many cupboards in this house, would you believe I came across a pack of acrylic paints - unopened, never used! Well I had to do something...So after going through a few things on Pinterest I came across 'How to paint a beach' Here.... Well, I deliberated whether to share this 'cos it's my first attempt but what the heck ... here you go

Hee hee, I had fun though, and Hubby thought it was fine

I'll be back tomorrow with my post for Our Beautiful World which incidentally has the word prompt Paint, then I am off for a little holiday early Tuesday morning so I'll catch up with you in a week or so ...

Take care and thanks so much for your visit

~ Ros ~