Monday, June 01, 2020

Hello June

Hello and welcome to June

The 1st of June is always bitter sweet, it was the day I lost my Dad 47 years ago, and the same day my friend was married, so I can never forget her anniversary.

This year I painted a card for her and left it without a sentiment, simply because she loves my little paintings and already has framed one so she may like to do the same with this

I used a laminator to foil on the 'balloons' after I did the painting and yep, I was a little nervous of what may happen but it worked okay

It's been so hot here and much as I enjoy good weather, I don't like it too hot unless I'm in a pool or on the beach which is just not an option this year. So I've spent my time either outdoors in the shade or in my craft room which is very cool,  painting a few little note cards to send to some of my blog friends

I enjoy doing these and I hope the recipients will like them too.
 Have a lovely day my friends
~ Ros ~