Sunday, June 18, 2017

MFT Slider Card


Are you enjoying this heat or are you wilting like me? We're not used to having a few hot days in a row  and right now I wish I lived on a beach.... 

So, Miss Sophia, my great niece celebrates her 8th Birthday on Monday ... Heck, the kiddies grow up fast these days ... Being a little crafter herself I thought she would enjoy a slider card this year

Using the MFT Gulls again (love those guys) I created this card.... When you pull the tab the smug looking gull  (It's his birthday too) whizzes by attracting looks from the other gulls (don't mind me - It's the heat)

I did have fun making this and I'm loving the oxide inks the more I use them

So it's Fathers Day and I hope you are all enjoying your day and the lovely weather

Be safe

~ Ros ~