Sunday, August 23, 2015


Hello and good morning!

Stairs is the new prompt over at Our Beautiful World this week, chosen for us by Manuela

These stairs lead to the first floor of the beautiful 16th Century Born Hotel in Palma Majorca ... We stayed there several years ago ... It's decor is stunning but there are no lifts and we were on the top floor! I tell you we were breathless once we got to the top!

Palma has lots of stairs! These are some at Palma Cathedral

Yeh, that's me peeking around the corner... And me sitting on more stairs in the town

The next photo is of some pretty tiled stairs in an apartment block in Lagos Portugal

I actually have a bit of a phobia about stairs... I don't like heights and perhaps that's part of it so a huge nightmare for me is trying to climb the stairs to board a ship

I mean they don't look very safe do they? I can't even begin to tell you how hard it is for me to get on these... My heart pounds, I get dizzy and often just freeze... It's not pleasant and this is only a small ship ... I confess it took me 4 days to pluck up the courage to even get to the top deck

But one of my favourite photos regarding stairs is this one of Sophia on our Liverpool ferry ... I have no problem with these stairs

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