Saturday, July 04, 2020

Don't Worry, Bee Happy

Hello there... 
Happy 4th July to all my friends in the USA and to all my friends here because today marks the start of relaxed rules following the lockdown in the UK... 

From now a lot of businesses are allowed to open including pubs and bars which, believe it or not, opened at 6am. I can't imagine anyone wanting to drink alcohol at that hour but there we are. Even before the bars and pubs opened there have been some awful scenes in my city. 
Crowds gathering to celebrate the football championship, crowds gathering just to drink and party, fireworks going off late at night, beaches and villages left full of litter. There's been a lot of damage, a lot of vile attacks on animals and it saddens me to the core how some people behave. I'm dreading the second spike which I think is now inevitable.
But enough of that, it's too depressing.

Today I have a few cards to share, first up one for

It's been dull and wet all week and this card has a lovely shine but so difficult to capture that on a photograph.
I started by stenciling the circles with Distress Oxide blueprint and used a fineliner pen to trace them.
Then I stamped and embossed  flowers here and there together with the little bee. I used gold paint on the bee, parts of the flowers and to dot the circles.

The next 2 cards I made a while ago to send to blog friends

This one went off to Canada

And this one to  California

Well, I'm going to do some baking now - I made a batch of rock cakes a few days ago and last night I just fancied one but when I looked there was only 2 there. DH swears he didn't eat them, Mikey doesn't eat cakes of any description so I guess the fairies came. Funny how they left crumbs all over DHs chair?
Have a wonderful day
Be safe

~ Ros ~