Monday, June 30, 2014



I spent last week in Palma ... It was far too hot for me ...  DH loves the heat but not me...
The first day I was so miserable, my head ached, my tummy ached and I couldn't find any respite from the heat. 
I met Sid the seagull who came everyday to the hotel in search of a free meal...

... How I wished I'd had wings to fly away to somewhere cooler...
Fortunately my DH took pity on me and took me off to the beach where the sea air was fresh and a constant breeze put a smile back on my face as the sun and the sea turned my skin to a golden brown ... I found a special spot under this Palm tree

Over a few days we became best friends

Life is good at the beach ...

We did meet quite a few Americans on the island ... Some had travelled for 36 hours from Pennsylvania 

 Now though I've said goodbye to Sid ... he was sad

Goodbye to the lovely shaded street cafes in the city of Palma

To the designer shops with pretty windows

Even with that 30% discount the prices were crazy ... But I did spot this set I thought my blog friend Sue Lelli would LOVE ... it's just her colour

Sorry I couldn't buy it Sue ...
And what about this gold Eagle collar/necklace ...

There was a matching wrist cuff to this ... I dread to think how much this would cost ... they even had security guards on the door!

Thankfully for my husband I'm not into designer goods ... I like what I like, labels don't come into it ... And I much preferred this bicycle

...and the shop interior to the goods on sale

So for now I'm content to be home where my heart is ... with my kitties and my son and my craft supplies ... Catching up with my friends here and in Blogland and baking recipes from Pinterest like this (now half eaten) raspberry and cream cheese coffee cake

It's delicious and the recipe can be found Here

I hope you are having a lovely day ... I'll be back tomorrow 

Keep safe

~ Ros ~