Sunday, June 15, 2014

By the Seashore

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The prompt is brought to us by the lovely Robyn who lives in Australia
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By The Seashore

This is a recent shot I took when we were away a few weeks ago, staying in Santa Ponca Majorca

How I love that view ... So peaceful ... 
There's something so breathtaking about blue green waters, the 'woosh' of the waves and the sunlight dancing down ... 

On the island of Majorca there are lots of celebrities who are lucky enough to have homes overlooking the seashore

This belongs to 'Top Model'Claudia Schiffer

 Seashores vary from place to place ... This is part of the Seashore in Cornwall where surfing is a popular sport

Those rocks are huge ... and just as I was taking a shot ... This guy flew in ... hence the blur

Well, the Seashore is their territory...

Being an island we are surrounded by the sea ... One local Seashore that was always popular when I was a child was New Brighton ... we would get the Mersey ferry across and spend the whole day there ...
In it's hey day it was amazing ... a huge funfair, a big outdoor swimming baths (that I spent a lot of time in) and a rocky beach ... A child's paradise ... As I remember summers were always hot in those days ... But the Brits don't worry too much about walking on a beach in cold weather

Even if there's no one around ... The kids still see it as a treat... Especially Ross and Sophia

Whereas in Cadiz ... The heat is so fierce that on Sunday's it seems everyone takes to the seashore ... The roads are empty - the shore full

By midday there isn't a space left on that shoreline ... and mid afternoon the tide starts to creep in .... bit by bit the bathers move to the left until there are hundreds of people all crammed into one place ... reluctant to relinquish the day ... It's a funny sight

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