Sunday, July 06, 2014

Our Beautiful World is ONE!

Hello and welcome to our second week of celebration at 

Last week we celebrated Our Beautiful World's first birthday by posting photos of ourselves at or around the age of One ... This week we are featuring on the number or word ONE 

(Edited in Picmonkey)

I looked around my home for something appropriate and saw this on one of my favourite cushions...Couldn't be better!

There's another number One on the address

Some of my DH's dvd collection ...

(Edited in Picmonkey)

One of my clocks

A thermometer ... which, I hasten to add, I put in the sunshine we had yesterday  

I bet that's cool to many of you but to us it's summer!

Finally, whilst driving through Chester on friday with my husband (in the pouring rain) I got a photo of this house on my phone

It's not a great shot but the house is dated 1880 ... Now a guest house and one of many in the area

So, you have 7 days to either post a photo of yourself or maybe your child at the age of around One 
or a photo with the number or word One 
Be sure to link back to Our Beautiful World Blog

There is also a Blog hop ... here's the order and the links for you

And there are 6 prizes to be won...

Have a Beautiful day

~ Ros ~