Friday, March 20, 2020

Purple or Blue?

What a beautiful sunny day we have here.. It's cold but that's okay, we have much to be thankful for and I'm especially thankful for our crafting community.
One thing I love is how diverse it is in our creations, some like brights, some like muted and so on...

Today I have 2 more hand painted cards to share - I wonder which one you prefer?

DH prefers these purple flowers and I think I do too

I've discovered that whilst painting on plain cardstock it is possible to add more colour once the first layer has dried

..And though it doesn't look like much at first, using a Copic liner to add some little details makes all the difference
But you may prefer the blue... 

A more 'wishy washy' creation
Sometimes colours don't always translate on photos... The leaves etc., are much greener IRL
Either way painting is keeping me happy and I'm trying something I never thought I could do... Maybe without this pandemic I just wouldn't have had the time or the inclination.
Be safe my friends and have fun doing what makes you happy
~ Ros ~